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Commercial Passenger - Diamond Series Cab


A Commitment to Quality

Walls Wood core construction with plastic laminate interiors.

Base Black iron 14 GA. perforated bases (stainless steel optional), and single speed exhaust fan provide interior ventilation.

Front transom one piece stainless steel cab front and entrance column contains:  car operating panel, emergency telephone cabinet, position indicator, and direction signal fixture.  Stainless steel entrance strike columns and cab transom.

Standard cab height is 8'0" inside, with clear floor to ceiling inside of 7'6".

Handrail 3/8" x 2", #4 brushed stainless steel, side and rear walls.

Car doors Provide car entrance with horizontal sliding doors.  Panel rigidity obtained by suitable steel reinformcements.  Doors hung on sheave type hangers with polyurethane tires that roll on polished steel strack, guided at bottom by nonmetallic shoes sliding in smooth threshold groove.  Plastic laminate finish.

Alarm bell emergency alarm bell connected to plainly marked pushbutton in car.

Ceiling suspended baked enamel frame with white perforated eggcrate, fluorescent lights above.

Up and down buttons Passenger Elevators